About Daan Croonenberg, owner and founder of Studio Croonenberg:

After studying industrial design at DESIGN ACADEMY EINDHOVEN, Daan felt the need for a more practical skill to, among other things, help him better understand structural design. As he wanted to mainly design wooden furniture, he decided to learn the cabinetmaker’s trade at HMC Amsterdam. This also gave him a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations of (natural) wood and other materials.

In 2009 he finished his cabinetmaker’s studies and founded Studio Croonenberg.
The company started out as a small independent design studio with a carpenter’s workshop, designing and producing furniture for companies and private individuals. When he was given the opportunity to assist the art department on a feature film, he discovered a different side of design. Over the next year he became more and more involved in other projects for TV-series, film and commercials, and his focus gradually shifted, to the point where he decided to retire from furniture design and pursue his new found passion.

Daan is now primarily working as an art director and over the years, has done numerous projects for a wide range of clients. His approach is usually very hands-on so besides designing the sets and special props, he still loves to also build them himself!